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Sharing korean music!~
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♥ Sharing korean music ♥
Community is members only. If you want to see all of the posts you have to join

♥ We're sharing only korean music here. Nothing else.
♥ Label your posts like this:
[request] if you are searching for some music
[mp3] single song
[OST] soundtrack from movie/TV series
[mv] if you want to post music video
[perf] if you want to share with other members with some public performance
♥ If you want to make a request - just do it! But remember to check the full list of uploaded music in this community. There will be special post for this. If you posted something - write comment in "Full list of uploaded music". Then link will be added.
♥ Please, everytime when you write en entrie, include cover (for album or single), tracklist, size, screencaps (for performances), hosting and credits (if you remember).
♥ Every post must be locked. Change it, when you write anything at k_sharing. It is important!
♥ As long as it's korean sharing community, you can post movies, fanvideos. But do not upload movie series!
♥ If you take somenthing and want to use it on your own site - leave a comment and don't forget to credit.
♥ Download links hide under the LJ cut.
♥ Use tags. Write there the name of uploaded artist.
♥ Do not fill "mood", "current music" and "location" box.

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